Fuzz E. Grant, Artist and Illustrator

Hello, my name is Fuzz Grant.
I am a San Francisco freelance illustrator and artist.
Please connect with me for any questions, comments, or simply to say hello. 


I was born and raised in Australia as the odd child that loved to be creative. I studied illustration in Melbourne, Australia, specializing in painting. But during a trip to Japan my love of paper blossomed. After a number of years working for magazines in Australia I got a case of wonderlust and moved with my husband to England. We left with four bags - two of which were full of paper! Three years later we moved to San Francisco where we now live. I work from a studio in the Mission District where I can usually be found underneath a flurry of paper. 

Client Work

I love my clients. Most are from publishing, design, products and advertising, but I also have clients in government organizations and non-profits. My clients are dispersed around the world too! I love meeting my clients face-to-face, but mostly we collaborate online. 

Working with Fuzz has been one of the most rewarding parts of putting together Selector magazine, her ideas and execution are always fresh and creative. A true artist that understands what I'm trying to achieve. Thanks for making it so easy.

— Christian Lawler, Art Director, Selector Magazine

What I do

My love of paper developed into my illustration style, which I create by realizing my sketches using cut paper. I call this 'drawing with scissors'. It is important to me to capture energy and humor.

My work is an explosion of color and pattern. I love illustrating animals and people alike but I have a special place in my heart for animals that behave badly. I often think I am part bear. 




Penguinno is a character I created inspired by the fairy (little) penguins of the southern hemisphere. When caught in polluted waters these penguins need to be cleaned and rehabilitated to restore their natural oils in their feathers.  Kindly people knit tiny sweaters for the penguins to wear to help them stay warm and not ingest the pollutants. It's a real thing- seriously- here is more info. I imagine these penguins, in their sweaters, plotting their revenge against the evil polluters.